Family Folk Machine Performance

Here is a link to the video of the Family Folk Machine performing my song, “Unsteady Youth.” They melt my little heart!

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New Song

My friend Ehren Ebbage — who is a very talented musician and who recorded half of my first album, Flood or Drought — also lives in Nashville, and he recorded a couple of new tunes with me last weekend. Here’s one of them:

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This Land Is Our Land

I found out today that an intergenerational choir in Iowa City, called the Family Folk Machine, will be covering my song, “Unsteady Youth,” during their Spring concert, ‘This Land Is Your Land,’ on May 5th. I feel so honored! Wish I could be there to hear it.

Family Folk Machine

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Tennessean is Tennebelievin’

Hey, I moved to Nashville!

Now where do I find me one of those songwriting deals? I just have to sit on the porch playing guitar and someone will come by with a bucket full of cash, right?

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Iowa City Song Project Review

A former Iowa Citian sent me this Milk Carton review of the Iowa City Song Project compilation that has very nice things to say about my song, “Unsteady Youth.” I’m thrilled that people feel the song captures Iowa City in a true and ‘inside’ fashion. It’s fitting that it’s sort of my Iowa City swan song…

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of the compilation (now available on vinyl), be sure to visit Maximum Ames Records’ website to remedy that. It’s SO GOOD.


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