Iowa City, Here I Come (Again)

I am nicht so güt at keeping this website updated. It usually takes a particularly exciting show to get me here. This time is no exception.

I am very excited to join Laura Gibson and The Lonelyhearts at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City on Thursday, May 19th. Find show details and get your tickets here. It is always an honor to play at the Englert, and playing with these particular musicians is a true pleasure.


Laura Gibson is an NYC-via-Portland-based songwriter who just released a new album, Empire Builder. I have long admired Gibson and her clever, dynamic songwriting. I’ve spent more than a few hours lying on the floor, soaking in her previous albums (special shout-out to La Grande). The new album is her best yet. It’s especially great as a road trip soundtrack. Trust me.


It’s impossible not to love The Lonelyhearts, both as a band and as humans. The Iowa City and Fort Collins-based duo have been releasing consistently great albums for more than a decade. Their latest, Age of Man, is another inspired addition to their oeuvre. According to the band, the album “traces an alternative American history over three generations, exploring themes of progress, resource extraction, vigilantism, patriarchy, anarchism, sin, and love.” Right on.

As for me, I’ve worked up 13-14 new songs that I think are potentially album-worthy. I’ll be playing some of the brand new songs at the Englert show. Next I’ll just need to save enough money for recording and everything else that goes along with making a new record. It might be a while, but I’m working on it. Stay tuned…

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